JL2 Tactical Online School

Site Change Log

10/18/18 JLARSEN Added email link for certificate in completion email and added logo to the top of the email.
10/18/18 JLARSEN Added Logo and Newsletter links to Welcome email.
10/18/18 JLARSEN Updated the Privacy Policy
10/19/18 JLARSEN Added Terms of Service/Use to the signup form.
10/27/18 JLARSEN Added Survival Essentials course
11/01/18 JLARSEN Updated newsletter text on sign-in page, updated text in the FAQ section
11/01/18 JLARSEN Added "Survival Essentials" class listing into the Course Catalog file.
11/03/18 JLARSEN Added "Please leave a rating and detailed review to help other students get an insight to the class you just took." to the completion page of all courses.
11/03/18 JLARSEN Added "Please be sure to leave a Rating and Detailed Review for other students to get an insight on the course you just took." to the completion email.
11/03/18 JLARSEN Added "Once you have completed any of the courses email the head instructor at james@jl2.us for a certificate of completion. Please allow 48 to 72 hours to receive your certificate. Once you have completed a course please be sure to leave a Rating and Detailed Review of the course so other students can get an insight into the course." to the Welcome Email.
11/04/18 JLARSEN Added "CQB Tactics 101" to the course listing
11/05/18 JLARSEN Added "Breaching" to the online course listing
11/06/18 JLARSEN Updated the Course Catalog listings
11/07/18 JLARSEN Added Active Shooter Basics to the Course Catalog
11/08/18 JLARSEN Added "Radiological Emergency Management" course
11/08/18 JLARSEN Re-ordered the classes to add a fresh look to the homepage
11/19/18 JLARSEN Removed the "Home" link from the main site's footer, changed the Course Catalog download link
12/30/18 JLARSEN Switched to new course layout to update the look of the schools site, and support a more interactive design.
01/19/19 JLARSEN Added "How to Make Pemmican" class
01/19/19 JLARSEN Updated The Course Catalog Link/Page
01/26/19 JLARSEN Change the Course Player settings to the New Improved Version now available.
02/07/19 JLARSEN Updated reviews for Surveillance course.
02/21/19 JLARSEN Updated the Copyright Year, Added Canning Methodologies Course to survival category, Published Canning Methodologies on Course listing.
02/23/19 JLARSEN Changed format of website to update look of the school. Progress is still underway to make the change.
03/15/19 JLARSEN Added a New Review and Rating for CQB Tactics 101 Course.
04/03/19 JLARSEN Added review to the CQB Tactics 101 course
04/23/19 JLARSEN Downloaded backups of current websites, cleaned empty files and folders from the server.
06/02/19 JLARSEN Added reviews from students on Active Shooter and Survival Essentials courses.
08/18/19 JLARSEN Added Certification in Homeland Security Level 1 to the course list
09/01/19 JLARSEN Added Certification in Homeland Security Basics course and updated the course catalog. Created a Homeland Security Group.
11/15/19 JLARSEN Added a video of the student dashboard and text explaining the student learning environment. Removed padding from sections to clean up the look and feel of the site.